M5 special services Ltd. has operated in Edmonton, Canada since 1998. We design and manufacture electromechanical devices; electronics functionally incorporated into mechanical systems for military or industrial applications. Whether they are stand alone entities or components integrated into a larger system, we will work with the client to develop their ideas and concepts into actual manufactured, tested, certified and integrated devices.
Our interest is to ensure that our abilities effectively complement client requirements. We will establish an accurate understanding by working closely with the client at the beginning of the project, being mindful of its purpose, timeline, budget and corporate benefits. This is, of course, in as much as our involvement can be of use. That precedent will be maintained throughout.  All relationships are important to us; we strive to establish honest dialogue and maintain trust with all clients and vendors to ensure excellent results and reliable timelines. We emphasize concise involvement throughout a project, and never lose sight of critical objectives. Accurate and clear communication allows us to efficiently engage in research and development projects, leading to successful products with minimum errors and without expensive corrections. Inevitable change is minimized by clearly understanding project direction, and anticipating future requirements. We will apply our insight, creativity and experience to your concepts, ideas and expectations. We will apply our ideas without losing sight of your objectives. From the beginning we will compliment and facilitate.
We operate very efficiently, powered by talent, skill and experience to create, resolve and innovate. We are intentionally structured to effectively utilize intuitive and logical rationale as corporate policy, as opposed to arbitrary policies, procedures and systems. Inherent efficiency allows us to be flexible and capable of addressing concerns as they arise, and be idealistic enough to prevent compromise. Our corporate philosophy
is to encourage experimentation, while never implementing an idea before its reliability and functionality have been tested.  We embrace new technology without being victimized by its risk; we allow new ideas to be proven before adopting them. Our intent is to integrate the best technology, and benefit from its capabilities. We embrace new ideas while never losing sight of proven methods. We maintain balance between innovation and scope creep.